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A trip to the Roman Hills – Castelli Romani – is always worthwhile. If you are interested in art or nature, or if you only want to relax and enjoy the incredible panoramas and culinary delights of this region, there is something for everyone.
Castelli Romani,the name given in the Middle Ages to the area to the southeast of Rome,.is a region of gently rolling hills, old villages and volcanic lakes, a popular weekend destination for many Romans.
Castel Gandolfo, seat of the Pope’s summer residence, high over the vulcanic lake invites you to relax. Grottaferrata is home to a Greek-Orthodox abbey where monks for centuries have restored old books. Genzano is famous for its good bread, and good wine you will find everywhere especially in Frascati, Marino or Montecompatri where there is even a winery museum .
In any case, you should stop for a short walk in Nemi on Lake Nemi, the second and smaller of the two vulcanic lakes. This is the village of wild strwberries: on cakes, with ice-cream or waffles, wild strawberry honey or just fresh strawberries – you will find them everywhere – this village is especially interesting in June when the the fair “sagra” of the wild strwaberry is celebrated.

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