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wonderful Archaeological Park of Appia Antica

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The immense collection of art amassed by the popes
Your private guide in Rome

Discover The Best Guided Tours In Rome

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Your private guide in Rome

Discover The Best Guided Tours In Rome

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Explore Rome

…and many roads cross Rome…

Leading to the most beautiful squares in the Eternal City, to the great monuments of antiquity and Christian history. In our tours we not only show you the city’s most famous monuments, but also the hidden little squares with their fountains, typical Italian bars and romantic churches.

If you stroll attentively through the city and observe even the lesser important things, the old ruins will suddenly become alive transporting you to ancient Roman times…

Every guided tour is available in german or english language.
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The most beautiful squares

Your private guide in RomeA relaxing walk through the city’s centre mostly, in pedestrian areas, and through narrow streets, to let yourself be...

the vatican

Your private guide in RomeArt collection of Cardinal Scipione Borghese from the 17th century, collecting ancient and more recent paintings and...

Ancient Rome

Your private guide in RomeIn antiquity the Colosseum was not known by that name; the Romans called it the Anfitheatre Flavia. It was only in the...



L threw three coins into the Trevi fountain and now I am married here in Rome and have been living in this fantastic city for 15 years.

After obtaining a degree in Art History at Rome’s university, “La Sapienza” and studying archeology with well-known archeologists in Rome I now operate as a private guide.

My clients are sport celebrities, well known economic and political personages but especially families, pilgrims and all those interested in learning more about this fabulous city.

In a discreet but colourful way I can introduce you to the culture, art and history of the Eternal City.

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The Old Appian Way

The Old Appian Way was considered to be the “Queen of Roads”. The historian Tacitus called it “the most beautiful illustrated history book.”

The Old Appian Way is a narrow paved road flanked by rows of graceful pine trees and studded with ruins and ancient tombs.




Benvenuti a Roma. Wir holen Sie von den beiden Flughäfen (Fiumicino & Ciampino) ab und bringen Sie zum Hotel oder Apartment.

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