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Your private guide in Rome

Discover The Best Guided Tours In Rom

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Your private guide in Rome

Discover The Best Guided Tours In Rome

Tel +39 349 156 2886

Welcome to the best way of

exploring Rome

in your private city tour

Guided tours to the beautiful squares of the Eternal City, to monuments of antiquity, to the beginnings of Christianity. In our city tours in Rome you are able to face not only the world-famous buildings, but also hidden sights, with fresh bubbling fountains, charming historic bars and romantic churches.

We wish everyone who comes and visits this magical city, they could cherish for good all the magic and beauty of these places.

We could provide our services for small groups, cruises, up to the organization of incentive and company trips. 

Besides, transfer from the airport, port or train station to the city center, restaurant reservations, personal, private tours of museums, archaeological sites, various monuments such as the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica or to the Vatican Museums, city tours in Rome, walks on Via Appia Antica, the seven hills of the City, medieval churches and more can be organized by your private English speaking guide.

Looking forward to seeing you in our Eternal City!

Your private guide in Rome

Sandra Haarmann

Walking Tour to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain

An exciting walking tour through the city centre, mostly in pedestrian areas, and through narrow...

the vatican

Private guided tour in the Vatican The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica - these are just...

Ancient Rome

In antiquity the Colosseum was not known by that name; the Romans called it the Anfitheatre...



Many years ago, I threw three coins in the Trevi Fountain … now I have been living in this beautiful city for 25 years. After studying at the Roman university in Rome which is called “La Sapienza”, I worked as an event manager in an incentive team in Rome, Florence, Naples and Sicily and also completed my studies for the fascinating city of Rome in various courses in archeology, history and art history. In 2010 I finally became self-employed and since then have been working as a city guide and event manager in Rome.

With great enthusiasm I accompany families, pilgrims, friends, company groups through the Eternal City and also help with the organization of transfers, restaurants and evening events. … read more

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The Old Appian Way

The Old Appian Way was considered to be the “Queen of Roads”. The historian Tacitus called it “the most beautiful illustrated history book.”

The Old Appian Way is a narrow paved road flanked by rows of graceful pine trees and studded with ruins and ancient tombs.