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Come on a sightseeing tour through Rome from the art and architecture of Michelangelo. The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, built by the already 86-year-old Michelangelo by order of Pope Pius IV. in the middle of the 16th century in the former Diocletian baths is a huge church in Renaissance style. The church was not completed until the 18th century and then they made the central aisle to the side aisle and undertook so a 90-degree rotation of the original plan.

Very close to the Colosseum on the Esquiline Hill, in the church San Pietro in Vincoli you find a big illustriousness: the Moses statue by Michelangelo.

The powerful seated statue, a masterpiece of Western sculpture, shows Moses the moment when he, the Ten Commandments under his arm, descends from Mount Sinai and angry looks that the Israeli people dancing around the golden calf. The two female figures, Leah and Rachel and the other characters were built of students of the Master. Also nearby is the Capitoline Hill, which piazza was designed by Michelangelo. The Senator stone palace is today the official residence of the Mayor of Rome and the Capitoline Museums. Michelangelo’s design intention views toward the Vatican, the so-called new world and away from the old center, the Roman Forum.

Further on your journey we go to the Palazzo Farnese. The biggest private house in the city, highlight of the Roman Renaissance, was commissioned in 1516/17 by the ambitious Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, later Pope Paul III.. At the three-storey building, which is divided by uniform rows of windows, worked for more than 70 years, the most famous architects of the time, including Michelangelo, who designed the far superior cornice and the loggia above the entrance. Today the palace is the French Embassy in Rome.

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