Tour In the Vatican with Michelangelo and Raphael program
Follow the two universal geniuses in the Vatican, who were not only painters but also sculptors and architects.

First it goes into the monumental S. Peter´s Basilica- a church of incredible size and an architectural masterpiece of its time. While Raphael was hired for the design of the building, it was Michelangelo, who undertook the dome. But even inside the basilica Michelangelo created his Pietà- one of the most famous marble statues.

In the Vatican museums there are other works of the two artists, the masterpiece of Raphael is named after him, called the Raphael Rooms, which are regarded as crowning of Renaissance painting. Michelangelo however created the famous Sistine Chapel in which he painted the ceiling and the wall fresco of the Last Judgment.

This tour of the art treasures of Raphael and Michelangelo can be made during the day, but also in the evening, when you can visit the Vatican Museums as special guidance after the closure – so you can enjoy better the effect and the magic of the art without crowds of tourists.

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