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The Christianity found its way early in the capital of the Roman Empire, and over the centuries Rome got the heart of today´s Christianity.
The focus of these tours is on the Christian Rome, the description of the churches and catacombs, which have shaped the face of the city permanently. The visiting delivers you the insight into the history of Christianity, to its development and characters of various popes.

From individuals to groups and congregations- come to the holy city for a few hours or several days. From pilgrimages to the 7 pilgrims churches with private minivan or bus, pilgrims to the catacombs with measuring – the first Christian cemeteries, participation at the papal Audiences or the way into St. Peter´s Basilica through the Holy Door- eternize your journey with experiences like this.

The Holy Doors

A Holy Door is first mentioned in the Holy Year 1400 in connection with the Lateran Basilica. In a letter from Rome was written, “Whoever enters three times through this gate, the guilt and punishment of sin are abated.” Under Martin V. is also a Holy Door documented, but only Alexander VI. established a liturgical ceremony.

Since 1499 the Holy Year opened with three hammer blows against the Holy Door.

We visit the three major papal Churches Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, Santa Maria Maggiore and San Giovanni in Lateran with the holy stairs.

Places of martyrdom of St. Paul

Discover on this beautiful pilgrimage outside the city, the main stops of the St. Paul before his death and the places where his work and spirit are still palpable and alive.

Outside the walls of Rome is located the Tre Fontane Abbey, where legends say that Apostle Paul was beheaded. A few steps away from each other – three churches, the three-nave Cathedral Vincenzo and Anastasio, Church of Santa Maria Scala Coeli, where according to legends St. Bernard of Clairvaux had a vision of the rise of the souls in purgatory to heaven and St. Paul outside the walls, which was the largest church in Rome until the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica.

I wish everyone who visits this city to take some of the magic and the beauty of these places home.


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