On the tracks of Paul the Apostle
Paul, one of the first theologians and propagators of Christianity, was many years of his life in Rome, where he had to die in the end. In a tour through the town we stop at important stations of his work during his lifetime and after his death. The journey takes us to the Mamertine Prisons, the former Roman state prison where triumphal prisoners of war were imprisoned or were executed directly. In the two superposed rooms, according to a medieval legend, the Apostle Paul was imprisoned.
The driver of your private minivan brings you to another attraction: the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, which was the largest church in Rome till the completion of St. Peter’s. Inside mosaic medallions show all 265 popes and the original bronze doors with scenes from the Old and New Testaments. The church is considered the Holy Sepulcher Paul and is therefore also a destination for many pilgrims.
On the Via Appia are located the Catacombs of San Sebastiano. The catacomb got its name after the funeral of St. Sebastian Martyr, because its old name is “Memoria Apostolorum” as memorial of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The visit shows an impressive insight into the “cemeteries” of the ancient Rome.
Outside the walls of Rome is located the Tre Fontane Abbey, where legends say that Apostle Paul was beheaded. This historic place must be on a tour of the life of Paul, the Apostle. With the time – a few steps away from each other – three churches, including the three-nave Cathedral Vincenzo e Anastasio were built. The simplicity in contrast to St. Peter has its own aura and allows us to end the tour contemplative.

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